essential oils.

I know what you’re thinking. It kinda sounds hippy and like I drank the weirdo cool aid to think that there is an oil for almost anything. I get it. I used to think that too. But at the same time, I was curious. Curious about what these oils could do for me, my growing family, friends and others in need.

For me, this curiosity started a few years ago. I was following a blogger who posted about natural cleaners and I loved the ones that she suggested. Some of them called for essential oils and I just purchased whatever Amazon thought was best and cheapest. Other than in my cleaners or a few attempts at my own candle making, it kind of stopped/faded there for the time being.

Then in 2015, around the time I got married, I started to get more serious about my health and what I was putting in my body. I was cleaning up my diet and feeling great. Then when we started talking about starting a family, I started to think back about those natural solutions for cleaning. One of my best friends had started selling doTERRA oils and started telling me about them and I was hooked and enrolled as a Wellness Advocate. This was my start to a new lifestyle.

Why did I choose doTERRA? If I’m going to use something on my body, I want it to be in it’s purest form – no additives, fillers, etc. I want it to be third party tested to hold that company accountable and you bet I love a good standard for the company to be held to. doTERRA does all of this. They are the only essential oil company that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. You can learn more about their oils here or message me about learning more! I would love to chat with you! Message me below or visit my doTERRA website for more information!