Q is for…

Nolan is now 17 weeks old! This week has been an exciting week for us! If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories you probably already know, but if not, here are some of this week’s highlights:

  • Sleeptime is improving! Nolan’s been taking better(ish) naps and we moved him to his own room during the night (he’s already been napping in there during the day) and that’s been slowly improving each night! We have one long stretch and about two feedings each night (sometimes only one). His bedtime is now closer to 8:30pm (after nursing more like 9pm) and he’s been waking around 9am.
  • Nolan LOVES bathtime! The initial sit in the water is surprising but he’s now playing in the water which is so fun! We will need to get him some bath toys soon 🙂
  • He’s getting better and better at gripping things! He loves to put whatever he grabs into his mouth and currently his favs are his crinkle elephant, rattle monkey and Sophie the Giraffe.
  • The biggest news this week is that Nolan finally rolled over! Mommy missed the first time (by looking away for one second!) but within an hour he rolled from his tummy to his back 4 more times! He also accidentally rolled from his back to his tummy once while playing with his giraffe (it definitely surprised him). We are so proud of him!
  • Nolan’s 4 month check up is next week and we can’t wait to see how much he’s grown!

And now for the next page of our ABC Book! Q is for…

And obviously all of our outtakes! I would like to point out how he progressively turned himself sideways during our photoshoot 🙂

And that’s a wrap on this week! Be sure to stop by next week for his updated stats 🙂 We hope you are enjoying following along.



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