P is for…

Today Nolan is 16 weeks old! We had a fun morning at MamaTribe at the Athletic Gym (watching all the other kids do gymnastics). So precious. As far as the rest of this last week, here are some highlights:

  • This week, Nolan’s favorites have been: screeching, chewing on his fingers and staring and anything and everything.
  • This last Saturday, Nolan got to meet a lot of his extended family on the Olson side (Daddy’s Mom’s side). We were a happy boy and loved observing everyone.
  • Daddy started working part-time for a local retail store as a seasonal worker for the holidays which makes some days long for Mommy and Nolan. If any of you local friends know of any good activities to do indoors, we would love to hear them!
  • We did a lot of tummy time and play in the ExerSaucer and like it.
  • After a diaper change, Nolan loves it when I let him “stand up”. He will do a little dance with his foot and give such a big grin.
  • NOLAN FINALLY LAUGHED! Mommy and Daddy are over the moon about it! It happened last night and Daddy was present to witness it. Mommy had Nolan on her stomach while she was lying on the floor and the surprise as she quickly rolled up made him laugh! So special! He’s done mini, almost laughs for a couple weeks but this was a genuine, true laugh!
  • We are now officially in 6 months clothes for pants (without feet) and still in 6 months for onesies. We are still in 9 months for sleepers but they are starting to get snug.
  • Our next check up is in a week and a half! We can’t wait to see how much more he’s grown 🙂

And now for the next page in our ABC Book:


And all of the wonderful outtakes (if you can’t tell, he didn’t want to take his hands out of his mouth):

We hope you have another wonderful week! Thanks for following along 🙂


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