O is for…

Nolan is now 15 weeks old! We had so much fun with his first Halloween this week and a few other things I will mention below in our highlights:

  • We are still journeying through the 4th leap (see Wonder Weeks) and will be for about a month. It’s so fun watching him discover and try and figure things out.
  • His favorite things this week are his hands (ALWAYS in his mouth!), smiling, tummy time, and smiling. Did I mention smiling?!
  • This weekend we went to Sisters, Oregon, to visit my parents and spend some much needed Nana and Papa time. We took a walk along the river in Bend and Nolan “helped” Mommy and Nana peel pears. It was a fun little getaway. (Mommy and Daddy were even able to have their first solo date without Nolan).
  • Nolan’s Gigi (my Grandma) made Nolan the cutest tiger costume for Halloween and he totally loved it! He was so chill and relaxed in his outfit during the party we attended.
  • Since we’ve returned from Sisters, we have been working on a nap time routine to hopefully help improve his naps. I don’t want to speak too soon but for the last 24 hours nap time has been successful and lasts 40 minutes at a minimum! (previously that was the max!)

Overall, we had a great, fairly relaxing week!

And now for the next page of our ABC book! O is for…

And we won’t forget the outtakes 😊

And that’s a wrap on this week!



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