N is for…

Nolan is now 14 weeks old and is becoming more active! Here are some fun highlights from this past week:

  • Nolan LOVES sitting. Whether he’s propped in the Bumbo, between two pillows on the couch or in your lap he loves sitting and observing the world around him.
  • We have officially entered the fourth leap (see Wonder Weeks). Nolan has been interested and will follow your hand as you eat something or do a specific action. It’s so cute to watch his brain grow and develop!
  • He loves to put things in his mouth. He can sometimes get frustrated because it doesn’t go exactly where he wants it to go but we keep trying all the same.
  • We’ve done lots of tummy time this week and Nolan is really good at Superman! He gets his chest, head and legs lifted so high! We’re just waiting for him to get that first time rolling over (we know it’s coming).
  • Watching my husband play “airplane” with Nolan is probably one of my favorites right now. He loves being lifted high and smiling down at you.
  • This week we officially kicked Nolan out of the bassinet (he’s too big 😂) and he’s now sleeping in the pack ‘n play in our room. The first night Nolan did a complete 180! It was quite the shock and surprise for Mom & Dad.
  • Speaking of sleep… I don’t want to jinx it but we seem to be figuring out nighttime and almost every night this week he’s only woke up once! It could just be from being tired from all the mental growing or possibly from moving out of the bassinet and no longer running into the sides, but whatever the reason, we’ll take it!

And now for the next page of the ABC book! N is for…

And the outtakes take the cake this week:

And that’s a wrap on this week! Hope to see you next week…


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