M is for…

Nolan is now 13 weeks old (3 months tomorrow!), which also means we’re halfway through our ABC Book! This book has been so fun to make each week. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. This week was another low key week which has been so nice. Here’s our recap:

  • This last Friday night Nana & Papa (my parents) and a friend from their church, Janet, stopped by for dinner with us on their way to a puppet festival. It was so fun to see them – even though it was so short.
  • On Saturday we spent a little time with Nona & Pops (my husband’s parents). Nolan was in this “chill” mood and enjoyed snuggling the both of them.
  • Nolan loves to grab! This isn’t a new trick but it seems like something he really wants to master.
  • We’ve done more tummy time this week and he’s getting stronger and is willing to stay on this tummy longer each day! He seems to be engaging his neck and back and as of yesterday started using his arms a little bit. So strong!
  • This week really involved a lot of eating and sleeping. Mommy (and the doctor) think we’re getting ready for another growth spurt!
  • We won’t have another growth update until he’s 4 months, but we are definitely growing! Nolan is now in 9 month sleepers (due to his long legs and big feet), 6 month onesies, 3-6 month jackets, and 3 month pants (no feet).
  • Sleep wise, Nolan averages 2 wakes for nursing through a 10-12 hour stretch- right on target for his age!

And now for the next page! M is for…

And for those that can never have too many photos, here are our outtakes:

And that’s a wrap on this week!


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