L is for…

Nolan is now 12 weeks old! We’ve had several busy weeks lately so it was nice that this week ended up being much slower. We spent a lot of time at home (Mommy & Daddy doing more unpacking), but here are some mentionables from this week:

• We are still in our third leap in the Wonder Weeks (see previous post) and it’s been pretty fun discovering more of the world around him, including reading with Daddy.

• Nolan loves to be propped in new positions and we gave the Bumbo a try for the first time and he loved it!

• We also have started grasping at thicker things. On his own he’s been able to grab thin things like his swaddle, a blanket or a thin crinkle book but this week he’s started to grab at a few smaller wooden items like a rattle and his pacifier clip! This is such a fun new thing!

• I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but Nolan LOVES music. It became even more obvious this week when we got a new album called Big Stories for Little Ones by Rain for Roots and when the lady starts singing he smiles SO big!

• Diaper changes still seem to be one of his favorites. Seriously! This kid is so smiley and talkative once he’s got a clean bum 😊


And now for the letter L in our ABC Book!

And now for the outtakes:

And that’s a wrap for this past week! If you missed any of the pervious weeks, please see the ABC Book Page.

See you next week!


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