J is for…

Nolan is 10 weeks old! Our little family had a busy week. We moved from a third floor apartment in one part of Salem to a single level rental house in another part. We are so thankful and feel very blessed to be given this opportunity to live in this home, even if the timing of our move was less than ideal. Here are some of our mentionables from this past week:

  • Due to all of the changes, Nolan had a few setbacks with sleep (waking every 2 to 3 hours) – so much new! – but I think we are now back into our “normal” routine (a stretch of 5/6 hours followed by 3/4 hours after a feeding).
  • We are “talking” more and more! He even smiles when you talk back and sometimes will make the sound again if you make it back to him. He’s our little social one!
  • Nolan went to his first bible study and community group this week and did SO good! There was a lot going on, lots of different noises, sounds and everything was louder than normal for him but he did really good! We are some proud parents!
  • Nolan received his first round of vaccines this week which was heartbreaking for Mommy. He also had a slightly uncommon reaction to one of the vaccines and threw up everywhere. Luckily it was just the one time. So sad!
  • We had our 2 month check up and have some updated stats for Nolan:
    • He weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces (77th percentile)
    • He is now 25 inches long (98th percentile) – explains the need for some 6 month clothes!
    • And his Head Circumference is 40 centimeters (71st percentile)

And now for the next page of our book! This week, J is for…

And as usual, here are our outtakes:

If you missed any of the previous pages of Nolan’s ABC book, feel free to check them out on the ABC Book page. We hope you all have a wonderful week! I would love to hear any of your ideas that we could do for K! If you have any, please let them in the comments below 🙂


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