E is for…

5 weeks! As of two days ago, Nolan is 5 weeks old! Here are some fun facts about this past week with him:

  • Nolan discovered his hands and has been grabbing at his swaddle occasionally or Mommy’s shirt while nursing.
  • This last week was the Solar Eclipse (Nolan missed it with a nap).
  • He’s been more and more alert everyday.
  • This week he’s been particularly fussy, but Mommy thinks it’s due to another growth spurt (our growing boy!)
  • We put Nolan in his crib for the first time this week – it was just during a day time nap (Mom and Dad aren’t ready to move him to his own room yet).
  • Mommy and Daddy got Nolan a SwaddleMe wrap and have been using it at night – Nolan doesn’t love to be put in it initially but he sleeps like a dream when he’s in it!
  • Nolan is “talking” more. Hes making more grunts and noises, stretching out his voice to start talking to us โค๏ธ
  • We went on a few outings this week: to hang out with our friends Krysten, Juniper & Magnolia and another trip to church for the first time. Outings are still a gamble, especially when you’re having a harder week, but we’re hopeful that it will all get easier with time ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for this week’s letter for Nolan’s ABC book! E is for…

We sure love our little nugget. Here are some of the outtakes (he didn’t overly love this week’s shoot – you win some, you lose some).


Did you miss an update? You can check out the past ones on the ABC Book page.

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