D is for…

Our little man is now 4 weeks old! I feels just like yesterday we brought him home but at the same time I don’t feel like I remember life without him. Besides maybe getting more sleep 😉
Here are some highlights from this last week:

  • We finally got home from our trip (Nolan’s first road trip) this week and are finding our new normal.
  • Nolan is spending more and more time awake each day – looking around, soaking everything & everyone up, learning sounds, etc.
  • Because he’s been more awake we tried the baby gym for the first time. He hasn’t discovered the hanging items yet but enjoys looking at the outside light.
  • Nolan has always preferred swaying over bouncing and this week we tried the swing and it was a hit! He has discovered the hanging bears on the swing and enjoys staring at them.
  • This week we also tried tummy time for the first time. It only lasted for about 5 minutes but he was happy for a bit and even looked around.
  • Nolan has been smiling occasionally, for no particular reason, but TODAY we finally captured it on camera ❤️

Now here’s the update for the ABC book! D is for…

And here are some of the extra shots/outtakes from our shoot:

That’s it from this week! I hope that you have a wonderful week and hope you will stop by next week for the next update. If you missed any of the previous weeks, please check out the ABC Book page.


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