DIY: Room Spray

We all have that room. Don’t deny it. There’s that room in your house that always gets that smell. Especially after certain foods. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should probably read the children’s book Everybody Poos. I’m sure it will enlighten you.

But for reals. We have those rooms that get smelly or we make a certain dish in the kitchen that leaves a lingering, not so friendly smell or we want to set a mood, but the current smell just isn’t doing that for us. Prior to trying to create a more natural lifestyle for myself and my family I would say an air freshener. But the more I learn about air fresheners (and cleaners in general) the more I discover how harmful they can be. I mean they come with warning labels and I remember as a kid my mom putting those bright green or orange stickers on various cleaners as hazardous. Why would we think that smelling it wouldn’t be poisoning us? I will leave you to decide what is the right thing for you and your family and will let you do your own research 🙂

I did however find this great, natural alternative that I’m pretty excited about and it only uses two ingredients:

40-60 drops essential oils (depending on the size of your jar)
Distilled Water

That’s it! Seriously! For mine, I did 20 drops of each (Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit) in a clear glass bottle (like this one) then filled the remainder of the bottle with my water, screwed on the spray cap and done! Now when I want to use it all I have to do is shake it then spray away 🙂

Why did I choose these specific oils (besides them having a heavenly aroma)? All three of these oils are known for their cleansing, purifying and natural disinfecting properties. Bonus: these oils are also really great for your immune system.

You could also use this recipe for making a great room spray for a baby or toddler’s room! My suggestions for that would probably be something with either Serenity or Balance – those are both great oil blends that are calming just like their names suggest.

For more information on oils, please visit my essential oils page or message me to schedule a time to discuss over coffee or learn about an upcoming class.

What’s your favorite oil blend to smell around your house?

Please note that all comments and claims are not approved by the FDA and are from my own research and personal experiences.


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