A Natural Way

This blog has been weighing on my mind and I wanted to take a moment and share it with you. It may be a little scattered, but it’s from my heart. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I’ve always been interested in a natural, healthy, clean lifestyle that I want my husband and I and our future family to have become a habit and our way of life (one of the reasons that I really love Beachbody and its natural, clean way of eating and getting fit). 

My hope has always been to create a full, well rounded healthy, clean lifestyle. This is my vision for my family and our future. I want it to be more than just about my diet. I want to create a natural, safe environment for us when we have an injury, are feeling sick, struggling  with something internally, etc. I understand that there are times and places and a need for prescribed medicines in certain situations, but I LOVE the idea of trying the natural way first. 

For me, headaches have been a part of my life for many years and a serious struggle with no conclusion by any doctor (I’ve even had to go to the emergency room for them in college with only pain meds prescribed afterwards). The struggle has been real and even more so with feeling like I need to fill my body with medicine. The more I take the more I feel my body resist and I don’t like that feeling.

I’ve also loved the idea of making my own cleaners and other DIY things — I mean I love creating and making new things, saving a pretty penny on day to day items and if it’s natural… Bonus! If you’ve never checked out the blog Living Well Spending Less you should. Her blog was my eye opener to this way of thinking and living many years ago, but struggled with figuring out how to incorporate it without being the weird “natural” girl.

I created a few cleaners at the time, which I loved, but just tucked it away in my mind and labeled the idea of a full lifestyle change as “someday”.

Over a year ago I was still having headaches and had read that Peppermint oil was a great, natural remedy for headaches and purchased a sample pack of DoTerra oils: Lemon, Lavendar and Peppermint. It seemed to work, but I still was afraid of being labeled as the hippy and I became afraid of what others would think (still working on this need to please). Honestly, this held me back on the idea for a long while.

Several months ago, my Mom was having a ladies tea at her church and they made a natural sugar scrub as a take home – which I loved. During this tea I kept thinking about my desire to create and add more elements to our lives like this but was still afraid of the leap.  Towards the end of the event one of the ladies was talking about the essential oils of the Bible. I’m not entirely sure what exactly stuck out about our conversation or what made it click but I was tired of being held back on my fear of others. Essential oils aren’t a new concept and they really do work. They aren’t hippy. Okay maybe a little 😉 but they have already helped me.

One of my really good friends Krysten had become a consultant and we frequently talked oils when we hung out and loved that she could incorporate them with her baby girl. 

I wanted that.

After praying about it and discussing it with my husband, we purchased a DōTERRA kit and I became a consultant.

I am so excited for this new added journey for us. I am already loving the oils, incorporating them into our day to day and can’t wait to share some recipes and ideas with you.  Everyday I become more and more amazed that God really did give us so many natural tools to help us with all things that come our way ❤️


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