The Importance of Prep

It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve tried new things all with the best of intentions of sticking with it and failed. Hopes and feels and willpower are all great attributes to have on a new endeavor and even sometimes you can succeed in this way.

This isn’t always the case with me. I’m a planner. In order to succeed I need a game plan. I know that I’m probably not alone in this thinking. In order to put my best foot forward, I need to map it out.

For example, planning a wedding. Unless you were eloping, you would have a game plan. You would need to come up with a list of various things that need to get done, things your going to buy, who’s doing what, etc. It CAN be done without, but it’s completed so much better when there is a plan (and I highly recommend the plan option).

Same goes for an eating plan. When you’re on a diet or even just trying to eat healthy, your best results tend to happen when you’ve taken the time to think about what you’re going to make, what you will snack on, what ingredients you need, how much of it you will have, et cetera. THEN I can use my willpower, hopes and feels to stick with it and keep my commitment.

Today is my prep day. I’ve purchased the missing ingredients I need and today is the day that I make my week’s worth of food and divide it into my servings. This helps set me up for success all week AND cuts my morning lunch can prep time in half (double bonus!).

The past two weeks I have also been posting my meal plan on my fridge. This is a way for me to remember my plan and have my husband see my plan to hold me accountable. Even if he never reads it, knowing that he could ask at any given moment is motivation enough.

What are some steps that you take to help you succeed?

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