Our Honeymoon

Some of you are probably thinking, “Didn’t you get married in July? Why are you just now posting honeymoon photos?!” I know, I know. It’s rather delayed. At the same time though, it’s kind of wonderful. I’m starting to miss the sunny days, sun tans and warmness and this brings back all of that and our wonderful memories. So without further ado…

We spent our wonderful honeymoon in the Dominican Republic(!) and left for all its amazingness on August 1, 2015 (the day after our wedding). After our early morning flight with two connecting flights, a delay due to mechanical issues, and some lost luggage which made us almost miss our driver who took us an hour to our resort, we arrived! The beginning was a little bumpy. We were exhausted, majorly jet lagged, but so glad to just rest our head.

Since we arrived at 4 am their time, we spent most of our first day sleeping with a little bit of time exploring the resort.

Isn’t our room AMAZING?! We splurged for the honeymoon suite and I’m so happy we did!


We finally received our luggage on Day 2! Happy Honeymooners!


Our first evening we were still so time confused and ate dinner REALLY early. It was kind of nice to have a quiet restaurant and enjoy the wonderful view.

After Day 1, this was our norm. We would typically head to the beautiful beach and have breakfast at this cute little restaurant that was right next to our favorite spot to lay out. Sometimes we would even head back there for lunch. It was such a dream.

Our second evening we went to a Caribbean restaurant. We were the first ones to arrive (okay, it wasn’t just the first evening). Slowly others started to arrive as well. We ordered tacos that night — we remember this evening best because of the looks we were getting for eating them with our hands and not with silverware! Such American slobs. We learned that we were very much the minority and that most of the guests at the resort were from European places. We only met one other couple that spoke English as their primary language (they were from London!). It was kind of awesome — it made it feel even more exclusive.

Thanks to one of my coworkers, she gave us some cash for our honeymoon and told us to use it towards an excursion. This was a little hard to come by as we were at an all inclusive resort, but one day this gentleman walked by and told us about this amazing day cruise that took you to another small island, a natural pool and snorkeling and we were sold. The next day, we went on our adventure!

The excursion was seriously so incredible. I couldn’t get over the amazing views. God is so amazing. We returned about an hour before dinner and spent the remainder of the day by the pool (our other favorite place to be).

That last part of the pictures of above were more from our favorite beach side restaurant. It seriously took our breath away.

Sometimes we would venture out and have lunch at the buffet. I forgot to take a picture of it but we tried passion fruit for the first time and it was AMAZING! Sam ate it at almost every meal. It was such a treat! Sometimes we would head to the buffet after our dinner at the restaurant just to get a passion fruit.

Our trip was something very special to us. I’m so glad I got to take this amazing trip with my new husband. On one of the last days I captured some photos of our resort. Our room was near the front of the resort, above the check in counter, and typically we would walk through the resort to all of our favorite places. I wish I had another word besides amazing to describe it all.

Our last evening we got to have an amazing sunset dinner on the waterfront. I have no words to describe this besides it was a dream come true. It was just us and our waiter who served us a four course meal. Seriously spectacular.

Our waiter was better at serving than taking photos but if they were clear these would be some of my favorite.

Thanks, DR! You were amazing and were such a great start for Sam and I as husband and wife starting off our marriage. We hope to be back someday.


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