Stepping Up

Disclaimer: I am not a Nutritionist, Trainer, or Medical Professional in any way. These opinions are from my own research and of my own opinion/ experiences. I encourage you to educate yourself and talk with a Health Care/ Medical Professional, if needed.

This is also an honest post. Please keep any negativity to yourself.

During the wedding planning season I was highly motivated to step up on exercise, eat the right foods and fuel my body so that I could look my best on my wedding day in my strapless dress. I pushed hard and had AMAZING results with my program — so much so that I had to slow down for fear of my dress being too big on our big day. I promised myself that after the wedding and honeymoon I would keep pushing so I could be at my most optimal health. 

Reality check: life was crazy busy when we returned from the Carribean that just keeping all my ducks in a row was just about all I could handle. I chose to eat what was easy and in turn gained back ALL the weight I had lost and then some.

BUT I’m choosing to not let this discourage me now. The struggle is very real, but I’m motivated more than ever to create healthy habits that will influence others and also just provide a healthy environment for my family as we grow (someday).

For now, I am finding small ways to add more steps to my day. While working at Norris & Stevens I was giving tours left and right which made stepping easy. Now I sit most of the day. I’m lucky to get 5,000 steps on my FitBit tracker.

How does one get steps at a desk job?!

It has been my mission to find ways of moving. Here’s a few things that have worked for me and some of my co-workers:

1.  Pacing when on the phone.

2.  Walking around the neighborhood or a nearby park during lunch.

3.  Taking a lap around the office every hour (or so).

4.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (without excuse!)

5.  Walking in place when making dinner or catching up on your favorite show.

And that’s just a start! There are so many more elements or was to include activity in your day. What are some ways that you’ve added more steps to your day? Would you be interested in more posts on diet and exercise tips and tricks?

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