2015 to Now

It has been 9 months since I last posted.

Nine. Months.

I mean, I did get married, moved 4 times, and made a career change. Lots of life happening over here! Rather than dwell on my lack of attention to keep you updated on my current events, this is going to be a highlight post. I’m going to catch you up on my 2015, and hit the reset button for 2016.

I gained a husband.  He’s more than that. He’s my best friend, partner-in-crime, number one fan. But on July 31, we became a family of 2. Our wedding was beautiful. Amazing. Everything we could have ever dreamed about. A small paragraph on it wouldn’t do it justice, so I will do a separate post later, obviously with pictures 🙂

I changed careers.  Those of you who know me, know that I have been wanting to make changes, but God wasn’t ready to reveal his plans to me. Well, 2015 was the year God decided to say “How about this?!” In June 2015, I starting working for an amazing property management company, Norris & Stevens, on a new development project in Salem, Oregon. Can I just say, God did good. I got to meet so many wonderful people, grow in who I am as a person and in my professional knowledge and experience. Such a whirlwind.

But the changes didn’t stop there. The owner of that property, Mountain West Investment Corporation, saw me (and apparently liked how I worked) that they wanted me to work over in THEIR office! In October, I made the transition over to the development world where now I get to be apart of a team who builds wonderful homes, apartments and commercial spaces all over Oregon. Not only that, but they are a company that gives back to their community. I love this company and their heart. I know I am where God wants me for now and I am going to soak up all I can. God is so good.

I was a nomad for several months.  Well that’s not entirely true, but it did kind of feel like it. My job at Norris & Stevens required me to live on site, but construction was still happening, so I (and my husband) lived in waiting. When I started working for Mountain West Investment Corporation (MWIC), my husband and I moved closer to better freeway access for him (he’s still studying away to become an Athletic Trainer) and slightly cheaper rent by moving out of the downtown area. Needless to say, I think I’ve mastered the art of packing. Well, maybe.

I coordinated my third wedding.  One of my co-workers from Norris & Stevens got engaged and asked me to help with her wedding on December 30, and I felt so honored. It truly has been such a treasure to meet new brides and put more weddings in my planning portfolio. While it’s still currently just a hobby, it really is something I enjoy doing and feel like God has gifted me with the “planning” gift — is that even a real gift?! It’s still new but I wouldn’t be surprised if you started finding more posts about various weddings and planning adventures in the future 🙂

While there has been so much change, I am so thankful for my two constants: my gracious, loving God and my forever Number 2, my husband. Without either these past few months wouldn’t have turned out the way they did or gone as smooth as they have. I am so thankful for their support as well as my friends and family.

So thankful. If 2016 is anything like 2015, it’s going to be epic!






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