Crafty Bits: Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that each of you are able to spend the day with those you love. Today [and everyday] is a day to tell and express your love and appreciation for those around you.

For Valentine’s Day I got Sam this frame from Amazon and print from TwoSarahs on Esty:


I’m so in love with it and I know he will love it too. Last year I handmade his card and made it a little cheesy, but why not? It’s Valentine’s Day! So this year, I thought the same still held true and you can do it too.

What you’ll need:


-Construction Paper
-Card stock
-Some sort of adhesive like Double-sided tape

What I Did: I cut out two hearts out of each color of paper, just like candy hearts. I wrote some of my favorite conversation heart phrases in red marker and randomly placed them on the outside of the card, attaching them with the adhesive. And on the inside I wrote my own special message for him.

So simple! But the results are so special and uniquely you:


Need a last minute idea? Head on over to Relevant Magazine for some simple and unique ideas. What did you do with your loved ones today to let them know they are important to you?

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