The Proposal Story.

If you didn’t know, I’M ENGAGED! It’s still so surreal and I am so excited to be marrying the man of my dreams in about seven and a half months! Without further ado… here’s our story.


For the record, I had no idea. Like it wasn’t even on my radar. I knew that we would get engaged at some point, like maybe in January, but I definitely didn’t know it was going to be then. November 1 was our 10 month dating month-iversary. We had been talking about going on a walk around his campus for a couple months prior. I had never really seen Oregon State, besides of course his house and the rugby field for his games. Sam always talked about how pretty the campus was, especially in the fall with all the changing leaves. (10 months is a perfect time to take a fall stroll 🙂 )

So on November 1, we drove down to Corvallis. I wanted to stop and look at all the gorgeous buildings and wanted the FULL tour (that includes side tours of the insides of important buildings). Sam had mapped out the perfect path so we could see all of campus without repeating anything, starting at Dutch Brothers Coffee (so that we could grab a warm cup of coffee to “hug” on our walk of course! — my fav) and ending near the Civil Engineering Building. Across the street from the Civil Engineering Building there was is this gorgeous path that is lined by huge maple-type trees.

As we walked down the path, Sam told me that the path was called “Lover’s Lane” and that sometimes people get proposed to here. All I was thinking was *that’s cool* and *this is such a pretty path*. As we got to the end of Lover’s Lane, Sam told me that he had a surprise for me… and got down on one knee and pulled out a ring in a small navy, gold lined box.

At that point I was shocked. *Is this really happening?* My eyes started to water and out of the corner of my eye my roommates popped out from behind the trees taking pictures. *This is really happening. Focus, Lindsay.* He said a lot of wonderful things along the lines of how he knew that I was someone that the Lord put on his heart and how much he loved me and will always love me. I am beyond excited to say that I said yes and get to marry Mr. Samuel Mark DiPasquale and spend the rest of my life with him! Let this new season begin..


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